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Interview de Monika Kruse @ Show Case (Paris)

Le 18 octobre 2011

Samedi 17 Septembre, ce tenait la Techno Parade à Paris !

Dans ce cortège, une djette a fait l'inanimité, MONIKA KRUSE...


Vidéo exclusive de l'interview de Monika Kruse


Voici sa biographie :

Monika Kruse was born 1971 in Berlin, but grew up in Bavaria’s capital Munich. Her passion and love for music came at the age of four when she started taking piano lessons. A love that would never leave her and that she expressed in these simple words: "Music just makes me happy.
Monika started her DJ carrier 1991 in Munich while she was studying sociology and working for a well-known record label as a product manager. Funk, Hip Hop and House influenced her early DJ sets.
Monika’s great talent and sensible musical feeling to choose the best record at the right time and to create an amazing and fantastic party vibe brought her fast recognition and national bookings outside of Munich. In 1993 she became a member of the Ultraworld Crew.
The group organized Techno Parties and opened the legendary “Ultraschall" Club in Munich in 1994 – where Monika was resident DJ right from the start. In 1995 Monika produced her own events called “Housetram” in an abandon Munich streetcar. Around the same time she started touring international from Australia to New York and at nearly every place on the planet.
Aside from her DJ’ing, Monika began to create her own musical productions. She released her first track in 1996, before she meet her “partner in crime” Patrick Lindsey. With whom she shared a very successful collaboration with more than 2 artist albums, 14 single EP’s record releases and various remixes. After moving back to Berlin Monika formed two record companies: Terminals M and Electric Avenue Recordings. Two label imprints that offer a platform for well-known and unknown, young and creative artists and producers. On Terminal M - among one of the many great tunes - Monika Kruse’s most successful release so far: "Latin Lovers". A fusion of Latin grooves and electronic beats that reached the number #1 in Netherlands Dance Charts and hit the Top 20 the Spanish Sale Charts in 2003.
Apart from her busy DJ and producing schedule, in 2000 Monika founded the charity organization “No Historical Backspin”. A platform for Electronic Artists to spotlight a voice and make a stand against racism, intolerance and xenophobia. With more than 20 events produced, electronic musicians have donated their entire fees to the victim fund “Cura” of the Amadeu Antonio foundation, which helps and supports the victims of right and racist motivated violence.
Beside her seven DJ-mix albums – including Monika Kruse “On The Road Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4” Monika Kruse’s DJ-Schedule has taken her from Japan’s largest indoor Rave “Wire”, to the “Loveparade closing ceremony” in front of 1,5 million people. In Berlin her home base - she is a regular at the world-renowned clubs “Berghain/Panorama Bar” or “Watergate”.
Her national and international success is visible in various DJ Charts or magazines polls over the last couple of years. The more recent one in Germanys Raveline Magazine, where the readers voted Monika in the Top 4 of the national DJ Polls 2009.
Monika Kruse together with producer Gregor Tresher finished Monika´s first solo album “Changes of Perception" in spring last year. The album was released in September 2008 and was voted as Best Album of 2008 on number 2 in Germany´s Raveline Magazin.

In 2009 three remix EP ́s of "Changes of Perception" are being released on her label Terminal M. They contain Remixes from Heartthrob, Mark Broom, Broombeck, 2000 and One, Erman Erim and Luca Morris and had dropped in spring, summer and fall of 2009.

Lien :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monika-Kruse/14111971422?sk=info

Site Web : https://www.monikakruse.de/

MySpace : https://www.myspace.com/monikakrusemusic


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